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Joeppi Philodendron 4 inch

Joeppi Philodendron 4 inch

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The Philodendron Joepii is a rare climbing hemiepiphyte, In time this plant will need support like a moss pole.  This plant likes warm temps (65-85•) Lots of bright indirect light is best for this plant. Humidity levels from 45-65% is good for this plant. A chunky, well draining soil is best for this plant.  In perfect greenhouse conditions this plant is watered daily. However with less heat or light you may water less.

Philodendron joepii  (pronounced you-pee-eye) is named after the Dutch botanist Joep Moonen. It is a rare, tri-lobed, pointy-leaved green philodendron that is said to be almost extinct in the wild and up until very recently was also extremely rare in cultivation. Luckily these plants have become such a hit with aroid collectors due to their unique leaf shape that they are (sliiiiightly) easier to come by these days! They are definitely still considered very rare collector plants, and they still fetch a pretty penny. 

This plant has leaves that have to be seen to be believed, so I added a picture of a mature joepii looks like next to the picture of the actual plant we have on offer. 

Care is similar to all other philodendrons - all it plenty of gentle bright light, and allow to approach dry between waterings.

 You will receive a plant similar in size and quality to the one shown - likely a bit bigger since the photos were taken!

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