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Calathea Vittata 5”

Calathea Vittata 5”

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This vivid Calathea Vittata 5” Ceramic Pot features the classic striped foliage of the Marantaceae family. Known as “prayer plants” due to their circadian rhythmic nastic movement, or nyctinasty, these plants move their leaves in accordance with an internal circadian clock. The Marantaceae family includes genera such as Calathea, Maranta, Stromanthe, and Ctenanthe.

~Do Not place in full sun or high light. In the wild Marantaceae are tropical forest floor plants. This means they grow best in bright shade to low light conditions.

~Do Not water with tap water that has not been conditioned. Marantaceae are sensitive to metals or excessive nutrients in the water which may cause leaf edges to crisp or burn.

~Make sure to provide moderate to high levels of humidity. If humidity levels are too low [40% or less], leaf edges may crisp or burn.

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