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Sunset Chameleon ZZ 2.75”

Sunset Chameleon ZZ 2.75”

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Boasting leaves with yellow and orange hues, green veins fading down to the green growth closer to the root , this is a striking sunset twist on the chameleon ZZ for you to enjoy! 

Each plant varies but all will look similar to photo. New leaves are green, then turn yellow and then orange as they grow toward the top of the plant. Upon arrival, if your plant is younger, these new leaves WILL look green but give them time and they will change as they grow! Each plant ships bare root and will have approximately 2” rhizome (root ball). These rhizomes will continue to produce more and more shoots - even if you happen to break them all off! Keep that rhizome planted and it will continue to produce!


make sure not to overwater - these plants thrive on the side of neglect. 

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