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Hoya Publicayx Splash 4”

Hoya Publicayx Splash 4”

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The blooms form in clusters of pale-red flowers with pink centers. Flowers appear from late spring to late summer and release their fragrance in the evenings. The pubicalyx Hoya can take two years to mature and bloom.

Hoya Pubicalyx Light Requirements

Hoya publicalyx requires six hours of indirect sunlight or two hours of direct, morning sun per day. Supplement low lighting with a full-spectrum, LED grow light for 16 hours per day during the growing season. In fall and winter, 12 to 14 hours per day is enough.

Watering And Soil

Proper Hoya pubicalyx care requires watering three times per week during the growth season. During fall and winter allow the top two inches of soil to dry before watering. Use a soil meter to test moisture level. Ensure the plant’s pot has drainage holes to avoid soggy soil, which leads to root rot.

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